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Farewell to Nova Scotia! NWWC2022 and a new toque!


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Mar 20, 2024
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Farewell to Nova Scotia! NWWC2022 and a new toque!​

We did it! We had a real, live, national conference again! What a joy to see so many friends and colleagues in Halifax for the National Water & Wastewater Conference. Despite ongoing covid-19 fears, some lingering travel restrictions, and even an airline system shutting down, we were able to gather once more.

Thank you to all the speakers and moderators for your brilliant presentations and thank you to all our committees and committee chairs and the CWWA staff for putting together a terrific program. I thank all of the exhibitors and our sponsors – especially Halifax Water and Halifax Regional Municipality for their great support. The weather was perfect!

Of course we had a lot of fun too! It really was great to see so many old friends and to meet new ones. While the Tuesday night Kitchen Party didn’t go as well as planned at first, those who stuck it out had a fun night of dancing to a great east coast band.

And the best part about a live conference is I don’t have to mail out the new toques! You had to come and get it yourself. This year’s model, complete with pom-pom, was well-received as most of us returned to some very cold and snowy weather.

Here’s a picture of me and my daughter Maggie wearing our toques at Peggy’s Cove, plus a picture of our VP Jesse Hulsman and family at the Santa Parade. Where do you wear your toque? Send us your pictures!!


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